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Rossi's Journal
Smiiiile :D
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11th-Nov-2008 12:53 am - I'm so proud :')

Full view + comment

This is from Lemony Snicket's - A Series of Unfortunate Events. Very nice movie, one of my favorites, very artistic too :)

9th-Nov-2008 08:23 pm - oh sweet 50's
I know i'm hyperactive recently, doing portfolio. xD


I love her, i think i'm gonna send her that as a fanmail. :D

6th-Nov-2008 12:26 am - Still Autumn Series :)
Made a few shots in the lunch break @ school. I love Dani, my new model :D
That's Dani (black hair) and Silvia (brown hair, orange sweater) you know her already ;) She rox.
I am pretty sure i will make more photos of Dani, i love the way she looks in the camera, reminds me of my favorite photographer (more like artist, it's 80% photoshop baby, and i love it <3) - http://jmonzani.deviantart.com/

and this is my new obsession (kinda) - Kanon Wakeshima, i love her appearance and style more than her songs tho :D

31st-Oct-2008 11:59 pm - TRICK OR TREAT

I watched Saw V. As brutal as expected, more drama than expected and ... i would give it 6.5/10 just because it has it's genius and brutal moments but i didn't expect to see that much drama and it's a total brainwash. Detective movies can kiss Saw's ass for this complicated  and wtf omg story :D
I saw a lot of people with costumes - jokers, goths, many goths, moar goths, princesses, withces, elfs, cats, rabbits and all kinds of freaky shit :D
Sadly i couldn't make a lot of photos, but i did what i could:

and beware... that's ME:

1. i'm not the easter bunny
2. i'm not the playboy bunny
3. i'm a serial killer bunny.

also, i was waiting for a good moment to show off with my new boots:

I love them <3

Also i wanna watch Madagascar 2 and probably will very soon. I will dye my hair tomorrow, red again, of course <3
AND i wanna watch WATCHMEN, i fell in love with the trailer and especially the music on the background. I never really liked the smashing pumpkins but this song is so high and ...cool xD

8th-Sep-2008 10:40 am - BACK!
Hellooooo dear friends!
I am back from my small vacantion on the sea.
So i will update with sea photos and stuff in the next post, this one is for ANIVENTURE 2008 Sofia.
In other words - COSPLAYERS! :D
I was surprized there were so many cosplayers, it was really nice, except that inside there was no fucking light and i couldn;t make ANY good photos inside so i was asking my favorite cosplayers (and one girl with an awesome kimono) to go out and make photos of them on daylight.
Thank god they accepted and on the end people were coming to me and asking for photoshoots of them too, i got crazy seriously xD
I was amazed how many people know me as well, i didn't know most of the people but everyone knew who i was xD Really freaky.
However, i met really nice people, here to the photos:

First i made a photoshoot of this wonderful girl in kimono, Dora.

And guess what? She's 30 years old o.o i was shocked when she told me.

more of DoraCollapse )
So there were some scenes with the cosplayers, little theater-like buuutttt they made Itachi from Naruto and some other guy from Akatsuki from Naruto gay sooo i didn't really enjoy watching real life yaoi. =O
And there were some bears, thoseee.. care-bears lol and half naked chicks with no boobs and they were like.. fighting who "blows" better (since they were both fighting with some fans), that was hilarious, yet sad. xD
Of course, most of the cosplayers were from Naruto (and i had no idea who they were since i don't watch Naruto and i don't think i will :D)
But my favorite cosplayer was Fu from Samurai Champloo. There were Fu and Mugen. Also Rikku from Final Fantasy wasn't bad, here some photos of her and Tifa:

And Robin Sena from With Hunter Robin, my first favorite anime ever, the reason why my nick was "Robin-chan" for so many years :D
Btw i did her hair and i think i made it horrible, she was disappointed as well, but we had like 15min to do it, i failed D:

And finally my favorites - Fu and Mugen from Samurai Champloo:

More Samurai Champloo under the cutCollapse )

All of the photos from ANIVENTURE can be seen here:
Day 1:

Day 2 (cosplayers):

Don't mind the bad quality pics inside, there was no light and i really didn't want to use the flash >:

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