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Rossi's Journal
Smiiiile :D
My first cosplay. Haruhi. 
20th-Jul-2009 02:15 am
And next is to be Chii~~~ xD
...and then probably Aion Online... i'm so addicted, the last 3 days have been the beta open days and I've been playing almost all day and all night long. The characters are soooo amazing and HOT, I made an Asmodian Spiritmaster:

(they look bad coz I play on everything low, otherwise the graphics are fucking epic)

About the cosplay:

I'm happy. It turned out pretty good and since it was for the anime society birthday party it was at a club and everything was pretty dark, that's why no good photos and cool lighting T_T

ALL of the freaky and dark photos HERE

I'm going to the seaside tomorrow so, see you after one week, for the Aniventure, ready for Chii (actually still not but... and damn I look so bad when I'm blond >.<)

21st-Jul-2009 07:17 am (UTC)
Косплея е невероятен <3
Всичките снимки са страхотни.
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