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Smiiiile :D
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9th-Sep-2009 09:10 pm - Life is made of coffee.
Updating some new photos of Eva and my boyfriend <3
(my victims eheh):

let's have a typical Eva face :D

...and a hottie *_*

Lime ChocolateCollapse )

2nd-Sep-2009 06:31 pm - It's me! Mario :D
Time to update xD
I have exams for my driving license this week. I'm studying hard so it shouldn't be a problem... I hope >.>
I'm also starting to pack for UK.
I can't wait already, so excited xD
I bought a cool wig and have been camwhoring a lot lately so I decided to update with some random photos:

yay for dorks :D

bunnies, cats and everything nice!Collapse )

Sooo... what's up with you guys?
Enjoying the last days of summer? School? Damn, must suck to go to school again. I'm so happy I won't be going to this place anymore~~ xD

Love ya

5th-Aug-2009 02:36 pm - English Weather must suck.
It's raiiiining and raining and raining.
And I'm starting to organize my clothes and stuff so I could pack easier in September.
I can't wait to go to England, really. I'm so excited from now.

Aaand guess what? I have a place at the campus! In a cute small house and guess what? I'll be with Dennis! xD
Cool, eh :D
I'm really happy. After the 3rd month we'll move to the houses that are outside the campus tho (cheaper and the same, same place too :D)
Everything is going as planned.

Also, let me introduce you to my 2nd cosplay, Bridget, the trap that makes all men gay :D :

And I'm waiting for my awesome clothes from ebay to come o.oCollapse )

The Aniventure wasn't that bad.
The building sucked as always, can't be helped and there wasn't enough time for photos with the cosplayers because it got too late, bad organization as expected. I hope it'll be better in UK.

.. I heard the swine flu is spreading a lot in England, it's kinda scary, knowing that i'll go to a lot of meetings with a lot of people and stuff like that... >.<

Also! I'm watching Maria+Holic! That's.so.epic.
Lol, it's so hilarious, really, VERY random yet so cool, and the opening is AWESOME :D
Love it <3
And of course I love the Maid, Matsurika:

20th-Jul-2009 02:15 am - My first cosplay. Haruhi.
And next is to be Chii~~~ xD
...and then probably Aion Online... i'm so addicted, the last 3 days have been the beta open days and I've been playing almost all day and all night long. The characters are soooo amazing and HOT, I made an Asmodian Spiritmaster:

(they look bad coz I play on everything low, otherwise the graphics are fucking epic)

About the cosplay:

I'm happy. It turned out pretty good and since it was for the anime society birthday party it was at a club and everything was pretty dark, that's why no good photos and cool lighting T_T

ALL of the freaky and dark photos HERE

I'm going to the seaside tomorrow so, see you after one week, for the Aniventure, ready for Chii (actually still not but... and damn I look so bad when I'm blond >.<)

13th-Jul-2009 12:39 am - Cakes make love to your tummy
Hello LJ
How are ya?~
I'm doing mighty fine. Everything is fine except for the weather, it's been raining for the past... 2 weeks i think. gosh.

Yesturday my panda made me sooooooooooooo happy, I was smiling all daaay long for he made me this:

Just for meee~ ^^
I'm so happy :D

And here some pix of my new dorky glasses and rose spam (yeah, I actually made photos of flowers... that's so not like me :D)

rain can be pretty too!Collapse )rain can be pretty too!Collapse )

Love the new Gazette album! *__* *drools*

3rd-Jul-2009 02:49 pm - I like to eat beautiful food
Finally I'm able to buy the clothes I actually want to wear.
Having a credit card is godly.

My hair died after I made it orange so I decided to be natural again.
But I'm buying wigs and hair extensions. they actually look pretty cool. :)

oh my effCollapse )oh my effCollapse )

14th-Apr-2009 11:59 am - My dreams came true :D
I just got accepted in University of Hertfordshire, UK!!!
I am... the most lucky girl in the world xDD
Me and Dennis are planning to start a journal for us two (since we're gonna live together and all, lots of dorky stuff to share)
prolly in blogger. When we start i'll give a link if you're interested. :D

Gosh i'm so happy. I think i'm gonna cry :D

Also, my hair is orangeeee:

9th-Mar-2009 12:08 am - I effin hate cold weather
The weather is horrible.
It was fine yesturday, warmish, sun.
And today, the day I wanted to make the perfect photos inspired by Distress and Coma it's like dark, cloudy, no sun, effin cold and RAIN. ffs. RAIN. not fair. Just not fair. D:
And it's gonna be like the the whole week, so I have to wait a week +++ to get my photoshoot. But at least I found the perfect place to do it .-.
Damn, I'm really pissed. Because we walked a lot (to look for abandoned creepy buildings), in the cold weather, the wind blowing, rain and of course, Dennis got sick. @_@ And I feel guilty. And my feet hurt as hell.
However, I got my new shoes. None of the previous post because I tryed them all on and they were SO NOT COMFORTABLE. The first ones, I liked the most with the ribbon at the back. They're like, super tight in the front by your toes and goes very loose on your heel, not stable at all, can't walk in that.
After that I tried another ones with some fancy ribbons, the 37 number was too small and 38 was too big, so they weren't good either. In the end Dennis showed me those and said Chii has one like them:

At first I was staring at that heel and I was like.. no, those heels are totally not cute. But then, at the toe they're extremely cute, and small too, and closed around the ankle is something i've always wanted... So I tried them on and they were perfect. Just perfect! xD
So I bought them, hoping it'll be good enough for Chii (tho I'll be using them a lot when the weather gets warmer xD)
Now I officially have way too many shoes (3 high boots (knee), 2 low boots (ankle), 4 high heels ...or 5. and tons of summer flat shoes).
*feels like an addict*
Am I a shopaholic?
I still need spring jacket. And I have money left in my MAGIC CARD (info: credit card for shopping that I MUST use while everything is still on low price). I wanted a leather cute jacket like this one:

But the leather jackets I found are extremely expensive. I thought I had enough money to buy any I want and seems like i don't have enought for any of them at all X__X real pain. But I'll keep searching! Never give up! xD Need jacket <3

Love ya guys (If you really read this all xD)

4th-Mar-2009 04:24 pm - New pics! :D
So I felt like updating here with my new photosessions.

I felt like I -must- do a photoshoot that looks like a nice screenshot from a movie, with all the grain, less colors and blur, yet still so artistic, and there's the result:

and more 'fresh' ones :DCollapse )

13th-Nov-2008 11:00 am - OMFG Panic


I have to take DaF or DSH by the end of june-july next year.
If they take me in a german university (which is highly possible now that i know what i need and i have it...almost everything) they'll tell me to show how much i know german... and i will have to take DSH. FFS i had no idea that on EVERY SINGLE HOCHSCHULE i have to make that god damn test. So i'm like crazy, going around to look for saturday-sunday german lessons, at the moment i'm around level B1. Which is low. I have to be around C1 to take DaF or DSH good. X_x. seriously. and i have no fucking time at all.

ALSO DSH is different for every university/hochschule. How retarded is that D:

...and btw:

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